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Surely people are not sure what the word architecture combined with a process of agile development and deployment.

I will try to highlight the architectural complexity of the model and mention anything that may be involved in a portal architecture.

The product of choice is Drupal, but Drupal is not the center of architecture, but a spot in it.

A good architecture should be adaptable to another product without excessive complexity and keeping his footing.

To do this we will go from the system moving towards development and ending with a community of portals.

Five keys

e.- Architectural Keys: The choice of components is architecture

It is essential to a correct study of the modules required before deciding on any further development.

It is a multi portal transcendent in terms of modules and components selected.

It will be very important to the valuation of common components, not only those provided by Drupal, but categories, views, data types defined to simplify future developments.

For all these reasons, an approach component-oriented architecture is one of the keys to the success of the product.

The peace of knowing that this functionality is already solved by the X component, for addressing development as if it were a big Lego, to know what parts are available and have direct example of how those pieces interrelate.

Therefore the approach to a portal should be a part of architecture.

We must not isolate the development of the portal of the implementation of all the portals.

Therefore there will be common components and specific components for this portal.

These components may be physical and logical.

Physical components are all provided by Drupal therefore attributable physically, such as modules, themes, templates, etc.

And software components generated by the product from them, such as blocks, views and the same modules, themes and templates.

A good architecture must consider the existing common components to minimize further developments and to join efforts in fighting for the final product quality.

Therefore, the continued study of modules and the daily documentation of selected components and developed is considered crucial for the successful architecture is deployed properly and enjoy the benefits of the product.

As you can see, this method of components is beyond Drupal

Let this be a product, but the philosophy of documentary and art studio continued deployment possibilities is and shall apply to any products that are focused on how components, so bazaar, as is often phrased as always being free.

a.- Architectural keys: The definition of product structure is architecture

The first few times you come to Drupal, you do not consider its structure as an important location to manage multiple portals.

Drupal developers themselves even begin to orient the possibilities and importance of good architecture files.

Seeing it is a grave error to put everything in "modules."

The opportunity to qualify in "sites / all / modules' different approaches and different groupings of modules.

This ability to discern the common needs of specific options for one or other portal is architecture.

It is important to the proper approach of the websites we want to deploy and is important to understand the approach recommended by Drupal free and, where instead of seeking a single war is bidding for a sharing of knowledge and responsibilities in development.

What we have called Agile Collaborative Methodologies, where your success depends on the success of other companies and resounding in the complete success of the product.

Following this philosophy, the management of websites should not be a version control, for it's own product has its own version control.

Changes or improvements should be consistent and agree with the very perpetrators of these modules or themes.

It is this idea that Drupal gives us, and it is best to ensure the software quality criteria.

Therefore we can see ideal management structure of portals that have to be no version management.

In this structure we have a part directly related to the product such as folders:

-"includes" - "Includes"

-"scripts" - Scripts

-"profiles" - "Profiles"

-"modules" - "Modules"

-"misc" - "Misc"

-"themes" - 'Themes'

It could be a series of symbolic links "pointing to the latest stable version of the product.

Therefore partially delegate files and more generally in product customization sites.

Within files can raise a joint structure with customizations for documents such as icons, logos and images:

/files/ / Files /

This route can be configured to achieve a more optimal coupling of common components.

In the other line, we have the following sites in and structure provided by Drupal

/sites/all/ --> For all sites

/sites/default/ --> Default Settings

As I already said this structure increases the complexity of the site and does not allow us to make a simple approach.

In such a structure would, for example three sites:






As you can see everything is within the same sites.

We prefer to see the product more easily, where the entire structure is always similar whatever the site and where environmental changes are completely transparent to the internal structure:

In our vision we will:

sites/default --> Just setup

sites/all --> custom common components

This structure will be common to all sites.

d.- Architectural Keys: The interface between different systems is architecture

An overview to help you consolidate the required needs and better serve them with existing systems implies an appropriate approach for future performance and sizing of the portal.

Can use other tools such as Apache Solr to handle searches and filters is a decision that allows our portals to perform at a level better than with the structure of Drupal search.

Delegate to other products and use the modules as containers for configuration information and is a successful approach already followed by Drupal, from the famous Jquery to other modules that allow you to use products or services in order to realize their functionality.

Acquia offers Solr Apache as a service, for example.

It is one of many ways to combine efforts and see the success of the system as a relationship.

So make a good architecture is about making a good relationship with the possibilities of each moment and be aware that the state of the art is constantly changing these relations, which is directly related to the current version of Drupal and any other improvements in other components decant that our architecture can become obsolete.

That is why an ongoing study of the state of the art systems is essential for proper architectural approach with Drupal.

n.- Architectural Keys: The ability to prevent changes and adapting to the future system architecture

No doubt the life of a site should not be considered until his creation, but rather, that should be the beginning.

The ability to increase functionality with little additional cost is one of the great strengths of free software and of course the robustness of a product like Drupal.

Therefore any new functionality provided by components and used can lead to increased functionality grateful for most websites that are taking place.

That is why a site should not be considered as a single portal, but as an entire project.

A project to life, which has always parallel environments.

Because this functionality we have other two methodologies.

The first is Live Backups.

It is focused on providing that sense of continuity to the sites, with ability to visualize the future and the past.

Feeling of absolute control of the evolution of portals.

We have to turn control of several projects, the first one intends to manage all sites and domains:

Architecture Control Sites - Brqx

On another site aims to auto verify operation of all sites, in order to anticipate problems.

Servers and Control Sites - Brqx NG

This philosophy fits perfectly with the methodology five environments - Five Environments.

Where you can see the evolution and status of any of our sites.

There are many techniques that simplify management and optimize the development, with absolute finality of quality criteria and an approach to real customer needs.

h.- Architectural Keys: The categorization of the route of the components is architecture

The computer science is a wheel that rarely fails to be round, but that is disguised with multiple layers.

For years it has identified the components for a specific route, as well as multiple systems are organized hierarchies to organize them.

These same levels indicated unequivocally locate a component such as for example the host file on a windows system located at:


Each of these parameters adds value and allows you to organize the system.

It also represented a way to locate that file.

Looking for something more powerful systems, symbolic links can get with both Unix and Windows NTFS partitions different ways to access that file.

This structure disappears as strict with the format of databases, where to locate the contents are no longer so important route, but rather the fields you are looking for.

For example:


His categorization would be:

Planet / Live / Type Animal / Pets / Dog Type

Doing a query with these words surely you access the content, then it is no longer so important route.

But as I passed, we return to the same wheel when what use is a URL.

Role again the route.

Even with a system of meta tags, is ultimately transcendent path content.

Some time ago I had a dream, to categorize routes due to meta tags.

I invite you to see what he wanted in his day.

Brqx dream: automated document taxonomies Traceability.

Today it is now possible.

It is more important that this idea will go directly into the core of Drupal is version 7.

All this information allows us to categorized keep track of the components of our site, and in turn provide an outstanding documentary value in order to promote policies of positioning.

If the ability to trace routes combined with the functionality similar content abstraction own Drupal with mod_rewrite increases well the documentary value of our site.

These parameters and traceability were found and explained in one of my first websites:

Traceability Idea - Brqx

It has certainly been one of my obsessions and my best architectural contributions to each and every one of the sites implemented.

Therefore to properly define the path and name of the contents with modules like pathauto , token and auto_nodetitle is a work of great importance for any architectural approach Drupal.

Drupal Arquitect: Ricardo Cabello Torres

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Without further also, thank you for your visit.

Facets of Drupal - Keys to Success

a.- Architectural keys: The definition of product structure is architecture
b.- Architectural Keys: The relationship with other products to enable better deployment is architecture
c.- Architectural Keys: Correct definition of needs in terms of system architecture
d.- Architectural Keys: The interface between different systems is architecture
e.- Architectural Keys: The choice of components is architecture
f.- Architectural Keys: The definition of the names of architectural components is architecture
g.- Architectural Keys: The presentation and composition of these architectural components is also architecture
h.- Architectural Keys: The categorization of the route of the components is architecture
i.- Architectural Keys: The relationship between common components for portals is architecture
j.- Architectural Keys: The decision of whats components to use is architecture
k.- Architectural Keys: The management and control components of the portals is architecture
l.- Architectural Keys : The need for knowledge of the available components is architecture
m.- Architectural Keys: The parameters of usability and safety applied to the chosen components are architecture
n.- Architectural Keys: The ability to prevent changes and adapting to the future system architecture
o.- Architectural Keys: The ability of abstraction that allows us to interpret a complex system of simple, is architecture
p.- Architectural Keys: The decision to minimize the documentation and group common needs is architecture
q.- Architectural Keys: The relationship of these needs with the component architecture to use is architecture
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